Image: C+D Heierli Photography

Convivium is an event that aims to showcase food, chefs and producers in the most primal way possible. The way to do this is to close the gap between the end product (a meal) and the starting point (the earth and the animal). Chefs and producers have the power to do this by showcasing the theatre in the process(es) that are part of the transformation. By stripping out the frills and unnecessary bullshit that sterile cooking environments can lead to, this is a stage for real collaboration, real inspiration and real connection. This is not about bottom lines, cost of sales, staff issues, no-shows for dinner service, misinformed bloggers or awards. This is a day to forget all of that. This is a day to cook and to eat.

The vision for the event is to get people sharing ideas and techniques. As a result we want to get people to grow as chefs and as people. Food is the catalyst that Convivium will use to shine light on environmental and social issues too, in an effort to identify challenges facing society today. More importantly, it will hopefully get people talking. It is — at its core — an opportunity to get people asking questions about our food industry.


Image: C+D Heierli Photography

Convivium aims to have relevant, meaningful, long-term impact on the industry by “paying it forward.” We want the day to be a platform for sharing. Sharing ideas. Sharing inspiration. Sharing knowledge.

Image: C+D Heierli Photography

The organisers will be using all proceeds to donate to charities and to invest into the industry. This is a strictly non-profit event and all produce on the day is donated by generous suppliers.

All Convivium 2016 photos by C+D Heierli Photography.


Image: C+D Heierli Photography

Convivium is the brainchild of two friends, Wesley Randles and Andy Fenner; one a chef, one a butcher. The inspiration behind the event was born out of an unshakeable feeling that there is a need to celebrate the industry, and to improve it. South Africa has world-class talent and this event will hopefully create an opportunity to showcase it. With the help of Studio H and Cape Town based chefs they have managed to transform this into a not to miss event.

If you would like to get involved on any level feel free to get in touch via info@conviviumtable.co.za